Vitamin D Boosters (August offer)


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  • Sunnedon

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Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, helps with excessive sweating, aching or painful bones, sore painful muscles, Fibromyalgia, low immunity (consistent colds/ virus), fatigue, cuts/bruises that take longer to heal, hair loss, depression (vitamin D is also a hormone that releases dopamine and serotonin to help with depression), boosts weight loss and the immune system. The course will cover health & safety, legislations, theory, contra-indications, consultation, A&P, procedure, Prescriber, application of Vitamin D injections, and questionnaire on Vitamin D injections. All products will be supplied on the training day. Must have level 3 Beauty or Anatomy & Physiology certification. You will need a client. 10am-4pm Must have Level 3 Beauty certification and 6 months needling experience, or 12 months needling experience to obtain treatment insurance.

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  • New Horizons Independent Training Academy, Sunnedon, Basildon, UK