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BB Glow

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A skin glow treatment is the latest trend in skin care technology. This method of skin care is a popular treatment in Singapore and Korea, producing amazing results, and is just now making its way across the ocean to Toronto and beyond. The BB Glow treatment is known as Micro Therapy System (MTS) is a skin care where an MTS machine with special cartridges is massaged over the face and neck area, which forces the skin into repair mode this will help the skin achieve a brightening and lightening effect, minimise fine lines and wrinkles and boost the skins ability to produce collagen. Collagen is a natural protein found throughout the body, and it helps to give structure, elasticity and vibrancy to your skin. Unfortunately, as you age, your body produces less collagen, which in turn leads to wrinkles, and a loss of skin elasticity and firmness. Stimulating collagen production can improve the look and texture of your skin and lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles quickly, safely and affordably. BB Glow treatments also supply your skin with BB serum, which is made from natural ingredients. The BB serum is applied with a dermapen, which uses micro-needles to penetrate the skin. Microneedles are so small they can barely be felt, and the treatment is extremely gentle. The skin glow treatment improves your skin by clearing and unclogging your pores. It also speeds up the growth of new skin cells, which makes your skin healthier and brighter, and reduces the impact of ageing skin BB Glow can be performed every 4-8 weeks, one treatment will cost approximately £80-£150 depending on the area and a course of 3 is generally sufficient. Prerequisite microneedlin/dermaroller without a kit £200 with a kit £450

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