Fancy some luxurious Aesthetic treatments, direct from the tutor herself?

Well, look no further, as Dawn is now offering her expert treatments directly to the client as well as tutoring!

Just sit back, relax and let Dawn restore your natural youth, beauty and energy, with a selection of professional and masterful procedures. 

Beauty, without boundaries.

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Anti-Wrinkle Treatment


1 area -   £100

2 areas - £130

3 areas - £150

  • Suitable for Forehead, Frown Lines and Crows Feet.

  • Dramatically reduces the signs of ageing, wrinkles and fine lines.

  • Speedy results.

  • No downtime.

  • You will look refreshed, younger and more vibrant.

  • Rejuvenates your skin.

  • Enhances your natural beauty.

Aqualyx Fat Dissolve


Small areas from £100

Large areas from £150

Aqualyx is an injectable treatment, which targets and melts away stubborn pockets of fat in the body. It's less invasive than Liposuction and doesn't generally require any anaesthesia. It is a compound solution from the deoxycholate family that has been physically modified and, by creating a slow-release sugar-based system, the biological half-life is reduced which results in minimal side effects a revolutionary solution to lose weight in a tried and tested way. Aqualyx uses a synthetic form of this acid that’s derived from plant-based ingredients, so it’s safe to use in the body. It’s delivered to the fatty areas through a needle injection. The acid works to eliminate fat by breaking down the structure of the fat cells. Once broken down, fat cells are dissolved, or liquefied. Once it escapes the cell, the fatty liquid. can then be easily burned as the body metabolizes it. The body has its own system in place for burning excess body weight. Acidic bile is naturally produced by the liver to aid in the process of breaking down fat cells. Results with one session but you can have as many as desired every 4 weeks to obtain dramatic results. The more treatments you have, the more the fat breaks down.

Suitable for the following parts of the body:
• Thighs
• Knees

• Buttocks
• Hips
• Back
• Stomach
• Chin

• Saddlebags

Baby Bow-Toxin Facial


Facial - £100

This amazing anti-ageing facial will aid skin tightening, diminish fine lines, treat open pores, hydrate, plump, and smooth the skin, leaving you looking youthful with an airbrush appearance. Bocouture toxin is mixed with pure hyaluronic acid and serums to create a skin cocktail, that is penetrated into the skin by way of micro infusion. A hydro-needle derma- stamp is applied to the skin to penetrate the product in.


The Baby Bow-Toxin Facial is unlike the normal Anti-Wrinkle Treatments that are injected into the facial muscles to paralysis the muscles and facial movement. The Baby Bow-Toxin Facial is a natural gentle way of having anti-wrinkle treatments and is hugely beneficial to work on problem areas. It is advised that two treatments are performed 14 days apart, the results visible within 2 days, and full results after 14 days. This lasts up to 3 months.

Dermal Fillers


0.5ml -  £80 

1ml -     £130 

1.5ml -  £170 

2ml -     £230

With Dermal Fillers you get immediate and visible results. Your facial contours are improved evidently, there is minimal risk, no recovery/downtime, it is long-lasting and is a great confidence boost.


This is a fantastic anti-ageing treatment, which smooths and plumps the skin using fillers. Suitable for Naso-Labial Folds, Marionette Lines and Lips.

Hay Fever Relief Injection


Injection - £75

This injection can reduce symptoms of Hay Fever for the entire season.  This is a steroid treatment, recommended for those who have severe symptoms. 


Contains Triamcinolone, a Corticosteroid. Triamcinolone reduces the actions of chemicals in the body that cause inflammation. This injection is given once a year before Hay Fever season kicks in!



Face £250 
Neck £250
Inner Arm £300 
Hands £250 

Profhilo is boosting, hydrating, brightening and remodels ageing and sagging tissue. it delivers fantastic results as a treatment on its own or combined with other aesthetic treatments on offer, i.e., Dermal Fillers, Anti-Wrinkle Treatments, Microneedling, and Dermaplaning.


Profhilo’s intended use is for tissue remodelling and for the improvement in skin laxity on the face neck and body. It intervenes in tissue remodelling and the physiological process of ageing in presence of alterations in elastic fibres and collagen. It also aids in the Dermal tissue repair process, in cases of acne or scars, or of loss or compromised adipose tissue,  helping add volume to the area.

Vitamin Boosters


Vitamin B12

- £35

Vitamin D

- £35      

Vitamin H (Biotin)

- £35

Course of 6

- £175 

Vitamin B12 & C  - £120

Course of 6

- £600 

Vitamin Boosters are suitable for the following:

  • Fatigue/Lack of Energy

  • Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

  • Boosts Immune System

  • Helps improve skin and hair conditions

  • Metabolism

  • Vegans/Vegetarians 

  • Insomnia

  • Addiction Recovery

  • and more..