New Courses Added!!

We are excited to introduce the following training courses - brand new to NHITA and ready for enrolment RIGHT NOW!

1. Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Injections

Aqualyx is an injectable treatment, which targets and melts away stubborn pockets of fat in the body. It's less invasive than liposuction and doesn't generally require any anaesthesia. Aqualyx a compound solution from the deoxycholate family that has been physically modified and, by creating a slow-release sugar-based system, the biological half-life is reduced which results in minimal side effects a revolutionary solution to lose weight in a tried and tested way. Aqualyx uses a synthetic form of this acid that’s derived from plant-based ingredients, so it’s safe to use in the body. It’s delivered to the fatty areas through a needle injection. The acid works to eliminate fat by breaking down the structure of the fat cells. Once broken down, fat cells are dissolved, or liquefied. Once it escapes the cell, the fatty liquid. can then be easily burned as the body metabolizes it. The body has its own system in place for burning excess body weight. Acidic bile is naturally produced by the liver to aid in the process of breaking down fat cells. Results with one session but clients can have as many as desired every 4 weeks to obtain dramatic results the more treatments the client has the more the fat breaks down.

Aqualyx is recommended for:

• Removing stubborn fat when exercise and diet cannot

• Eliminating cellulite and fatty deposits

• Treat pseudo-gynaecomastia in men (female like breast tissue in males)

• Suitable for all the following parts of the body:

• Thighs

• Knees

• Buttocks

• Hips

• Back

• Stomach

• Chin

• 'Saddlebags'

This one-day course trains you to deliver a safe, successful and confident treatment to different areas. What you will learn: What are Aqualyx fat dissolving treatments & how they work, injection techniques, Anatomy & Physiology, prescribing, salon environment Health and Safety, client consultation, a practical assessment on Aqualyx treatment, Aqualyx products, needles required and aftercare.

To ensure a perfect training experience, a maximum of 2 students are enrolled on this course. Must have Level 3 Beauty certification and 6 months needling experience, or 12 months needling experience to obtain treatment insurance. No kit.

Fee - £600 {Finance available}

2. Vitamin H/Biotin Boosters

Vitamin H (Biotin) is a water soluble vitamin, also considered to be part of the vitamin B family. That is why it also is known as Biotin and Vitamin B7. It is an essential nutrient, naturally present in some foods and is available as a dietary supplement. Vitamin H is a nutrient that the body requires in small amounts, i.e a micro nutrient, a coenzyme that is necessary for fat, carbohydrate and protein metabolism. It helps to turn the food that you eat into energy and also has a role in hormone production.

Biotin helps to keep your hair, skin, eyes, nails, liver and your nervous system healthy, it is also a crucial nutrient needed during pregnancy as it is important for embryonic growth.

The course will cover health & safety, legislations, theory, contra-indications, consultation, A&P, procedure, prescriber, application of Vitamin H (Biotin) injections, and questionnaire on Vitamin H (Biotin) injections.

All products will be supplied on the training day. Must have Level 3 Beauty certification and 6 months needling experience, or 12 months needling experience to obtain treatment insurance.

Fee - £250 {Finance available}

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